On and Off the Field …
We believe in a lǝʌǝl playing field

The Level Playing Field is a gripping novel of foreign intrigue. Japan discovers a new threat from an American solution that could level the playing field in global trade, which suddenly motivates hidden power brokers within the Japanese government to begin a campaign to silence and kill the U.S. led initiative.

The Samurai are not dead, as a secret army using weapons of finance and psychological control, as well as murder, explain Japan’s domination of foreign trade. Democratic elections uphold the Japanese facade as Scott Maxwell discovers a hidden society, a shakai, that manipulates every move in business, foreign trade, the judiciary and their political system.

Tokyo’s secret agenda of deception is soon discovered, and the chase begins. One step away and getting closer, it’s a game where death becomes an acceptable option. Powerful and convincing, the new-ones being trained in the Emperor’s secret army drive the story until we finally beat the Japanese at their own game.

We hope you enjoy the novel and come back to give it a review.

John Kingston