Domain Name For Sale

A leʌel playing field is a phrase people identify with and recognized globally as a sign of fairness and fair play. The word leʌel reads the same from the right, left, front and reverse.  The V is a fulcrum and the word is in balance, level if you will, from all points on the globe.

Do you think you might develop a national or global campaign, strategic message, or secondary product line around this phrase? is For-Sale.  This globally recognized name has been owned by an author for the last twenty-five years to promote a novel of foreign intrigue.  He also knows that the global identity from this domain-name is worth more to those who can use it to greater advantage.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for a minimum bid of US-$50,000. When a minimum of ten serious bidders is reached, an auction will begin. A buy-it-now price is being considered.

Perhaps you would like to make a gift to a non-profit organization that is working to make today’s culture even better, and believe they could incorporate this powerful domain-name into their message.  A forever endowment.  Always working.  Always remembered.

If you or your organization would like to own this globally recognizable name. Please contact: