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A Japanese secret society is waging economic war against the United States in this fast-moving, well-executed thriller by debut author John D. Kingston.

The highly placed members of this cabal are killing anyone who gets in their way, and Florida financial executive Scott Maxwell is soon involved in a wild, intercontinental investigation into an economic threat that’s leaving destruction and dead bodies in its wake.

He’s joined by old friend Neil Porter and new acquaintance Tori Tahashi as they dodge bullets and escape one harrowing ambush after another in a desperate search for a solution to this far-reaching conspiracy. It’s no wonder the United States continues to maintain a staggering $1 billion-plus per week trade deficit with Japan. The game is rigged at the very highest levels of Japanese society.

Author John Kingston is clearly an expert in the intricacies of global macroeconomics, though he is always careful to explain in layman terms just what’s at stake in this startling scenario about world monetary domination. Indeed, it accounts for exactly why, more than a half century after its humiliating defeat in World War II, Japan has risen to such staggering market preeminence.

You’ll keep turning pages far past your bedtime to find out what happens next as protagonist Scott Maxwell and a dedicated cast of colorful supporting characters fight the deeply entrenched Japanese shakai from Tokyo to Washington, D.C.

Do the determined North Americans finally defeat this powerful adversary? And if so, how, when the consequences for even hinting at the existence of the secret organization means sudden death?

Download The Level Playing Field today and see what critics and readers alike are raving about. We look forward to a thrilling sequel soon.